Halton Hills Injury Prevention Committee was formed in 1998 and comprised of varied representatives from the community. In 2008 HHIP experienced a change in leadership and a broader outreach was explored. In 2010 North Halton Injury Prevention Committee was born, to be inclusive of smaller hamlets and rural communities surrounding Halton Hills. In June 2012 a request was put before Council to endorse NHIP’s application to become a candidate community with Safe Communities Canada. In April 2013 a formal community meeting was held and as a result the Leadership Table now named Safe Communities Halton Hills, formed a collaborative of community partners inclusive of Police, Fire, EMS, The Region of Halton, The Town of Halton Hills, and many more community representatives. Since then stakeholders have been committed to developing and providing effective injury prevention initiatives and applied to be designated a Safe Community. As part of the application process a priority setting investigation took place and determined that the three key causes of injury or fatality in Halton Hills are a result of motor vehicle collisions, falls or intentional self-harm.  As a result we have created 3 sub committees to address these issues in Halton Hills.

Our Mission

As part of Parachute, our vision is to "support the establishment and implementation of a coordinated approach to addressing safety issues in the Region of North Halton through inter-agency and local community group awareness, communication, co-operation and action."

Updated May 6, 2015